Advanced Optical Equipment and Components

Finisar’s advanced Laboratory and R&D equipment and components are designed to assist scientists, researchers and engineers in addressing their toughest optical challenges with precision and confidence. We offer a range of test and measurement equipment and advanced components to shape, measure, detect and process optical signals. A few applications are described below.

Optical Communications R&D

Developing the next generation of optical communications systems requires the best components and test equipment available.  Our WaveShaper family of Programmable Optical Processors provides precise control of optical amplitude and phase while the WaveAnalyzer High-Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer provides optical signal analysis with sub-GHz accuracy and resolution.  The UltraSpan family of Optical Amplifiers provides a range of both EDFA and Raman amplifiers with performance and reliability forged in thousands of network deployments.  Our range of high-speed detectors, with bandwidths of up to 100GHz, are ideally suited for the detection of high-speed, high baud-rate, advanced modulation formats.

Production Test
The combination of the precise control of optical center frequency and bandwidth provided by the WaveShaper family of Programmable Optical Processors, together with the extremely high precision and speed of measurement of the WaveAnalyzer High-Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer, are used in optical communications production test systems around the world.

Microwave Photonics

Microwave Photonics is an expanding area of research with multiple applications in defense, optical signal processing and high-bandwidth analog links.  Finisar’s range of high frequency (up to 100 GHz) and high-power photodetectors and receivers cover all aspects of high-speed analog signal processing, including RF-over-fiber and microwave photonics.  The WaveAnalyzer High-Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer provides the ability to accurately monitor microwave photonic transmitters and the WaveShaper range of programmable optical processors can be easily configured to provide high-resolution, multi-tap filters for microwave-optical signal processing.

Short pulse (fsec) fibre lasers
Short-pulse lasers are a rapidly developing key technology in areas as diverse as material processing, microscopy and quantum physics.  Finisar‘s WaveShaper 1000 /SP series of Single-Polarization Programmable Filters has been optimized to deliver superior performance and flexibility in user operation for optimizing ultra-short laser pulses in the fsec and psec regimes.  LightSmyth Technologies, a Finisar Company, manufactures and supplies both transmission and reflection pulse-compression gratings for fsec and psec lasers which provide best-in-class performance.