What We Do

Finisar is a global technology leader in optical communications, providing components and subsystems to networking equipment manufacturers, data center operators, telecom service providers, consumer electronics and automotive companies.  Founded in 1988, Finisar designs products that meet the increasing demands for network bandwidth, data storage and 3D sensing subsystems. Finisar's industry-leading products include optical transceivers, active optical cables, optical engines, communication and sensing components, wavelength management devices, and optical instrumentation.

As the world's leading supplier of optical communication products, Finisar delivers the industry's broadest portfolio backed by world-class quality and reliability. Finisar's vertically integrated business is ideally suited for delivering production volumes while providing ready access to most of the critical technologies needed to develop the next generation of optics.

With approximately 13,000 employees, Finisar has sales, channel, and support offices worldwide. Corporate headquarters are located in Sunnyvale, California (USA), with additional product development and manufacturing facilities located in California, Pennsylvania and Texas (USA), Australia, China, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore and Sweden.

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